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Feature on Uriah – Jack of All Trades

When it comes to tile installation, Uriah is at the top of the game. Whether you need new flooring for your entryway, a tiled shower or a kitchen backsplash, Uriah—who we aptly refer to as “the jack of all trades”—is the professional to rely on.

Teammate Feature on Uriah Thomas - Home Indeeds Jack of All Trades | Home Indeed

Uriah, who has spent his whole life in the rural Independence, Iowa, area, joined our design-build team at Home Indeed in 2013. Bythat time, he had already been working in the specialty trade of tile installation for many years. As a result of that past experience and his current professional responsibilities, he possesses the niche knowledge and special skill set to maximize function and beauty when overseeing your tile project in Cedar Valley.

Tile is a complex material to work with. It requires careful forethought, measuring and installation to ensure no raw material is wasted and that the surface comes out clean and even. Regardless of the type or size of a tile project, Uriah brings his perfectionism and attention to detail to the table, ensuring the end result meets – even exceeds – your expectations. He takes interest in your vision and what you hope to accomplish with your new tile work, whether it is going on the floors or walls. During the design process, you can depend on his expertise to develop a plan that accomplishes your project goals. If issues arise during installation, Uriah works diligently to find the best solution and keep the project moving forward.

Expertise in Flooring and Beyond

However, Uriah’s talents don’t stop at tile, or even the flooring industry. He has a wealth of knowledge about various facets of the design-build process, and he’s happy to provide direction and insight on just about any other home remodeling question that might arise during the course of your Cedar Valley project.

Additionally, his professional knowledge is enhanced by his personal character. Time and again, Uriah has proven to be a highly valuable member of our team and a great resource for our clients. With his problem-solving approach, he sets an unparalleled example of customer service in the residential remodeling field, and he takes pride in a job well done. The feedback we receive from homeowners about Uriah is overwhelmingly positive. They often praise him as respectful, knowledgeable and willing to answer any question they might have while he’s working on the job site.

Uriah is deeply familiar with the area, having grown up around Independence and still residing there with his family to this day. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his seven children, raising homing pigeons and playing Fortnight. He also spends his time working on projects around his home, boating and socializing with his friends. When it comes to his outlook on life, Uriah says, “Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue. Just live with it.”

Overcoming Challenges in 2020

Uriah is a key player in the team of talented design-build professionals who work for Home Indeed. This core team has been integral in maintaining the strength and vitality of the company and using the change that transpired in the past year to come out the other side embracing the same standard of excellence.

We recently celebrated our one-year anniversary at our second location at 1820 Main St. in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Having a presence in an additional location in Cedar Valley has also enabled our client base to grow, despite the challenges we faced in 2020. As a team, we persevered and became more unified, refining a clear direction of growth and cultivating an optimistic outlook for what 2021 will bring.

Remodeling with Home Indeed

At Home Indeed, we offer a one-source solution to your home improvement project in Cedar Valley. When you put your trust in us, we have the personnel and tools to turn your remodeling vision into reality. You have the benefit of working with one company on every facet of the project, from start to finish. Our turnkey design-build process ensures your home renovation will be handled professionally, efficiently and to the highest industry standard in terms of customer service and craftsmanship. We alleviate the headache that often accompanies the normal home remodeling process and deliver peace of mind throughout each phase of the project.

Home Indeed’s Design-Build Team

Home Indeed started with president and general manager BJ Collins working alongside only one other employee in Independence, Iowa. The company has since grown to encompass a 3,600-square-foot showroom, a second location in Cedar Falls, and a fully loaded staff consisting of designers, contractors, a millwork specialist, a production manager, and a project manager. We offer a wide range of design-build remodeling services, from kitchen upgrades and bathroom renovations to home additions. Regardless of the type or size of your specific job, our Home Indeed Team will provide you with the outcome you have been dreaming of, as well as an extraordinary home improvement experience along the way.


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