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Automate Your Cedar Valley Home with These 4 Smart Home Technologies

In the last 50-or-so years, computers have transformed from room-filling behemoths to pocket-sized companions. They provide instant convenience, connection, and entertainment wherever we go. And now they’re becoming an integral part of the modern household. 

Automate Your Cedar Valley Home with These 4 Smart Home Technologies | Home Indeed

Modern design is often characterized by clean, simple lines reminiscent of minimalism; modern living, similarly, uses smart technology to streamline your life, providing ease and the ultimate experience. Smart technologies offer convenience and superior functionalities in appliances, security devices, luxury products, and more. Keep reading for four of 2021’s most popular smart home technologies that automate your life. Or, check out our blog for posts on everything from aging-in-place to how supply chain bottlenecks impact your building projects. 

Before we continue, below we have linked some specific smart home products and articles on smart home technologies. Although we admire these establishments, we do not have any affiliation with them and we are not being compensated for the shout-outs! 

1. Smart Home System 

To achieve the level of technological integration that makes smart homes so appealing, you’ll need a command center that allows you to control all your smart devices from one device. That’s where a smart home system comes in. Powered by artificial intelligence like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, smart home systems allow you to control your smart devices anytime anywhere — as long as you’re connected to the internet. 

It’s difficult to underline just how important it is for intelligent homes to be equipped with a smart home system. Without a system, you lose the connectivity and convenience that makes investing in smart technology worthwhile in the first place. However, if you only plan on adding a few smart devices into your home, you should be able to get by without one. 

When picking out a smart home system you want to make sure it has the capacity to handle all the smart devices you need. Start by looking at how many and what kind of devices you can connect to the system. Most smart home systems allow you to connect smart devices from different brands, but you should double-check before purchasing. It’s also a good idea to test out the system’s mobile app. You want the app to be easy to use — otherwise the technology that was supposed to make your life easier will end up being just another headache! 

Here are a few popular smart home systems to look into:

2. Home Security System

If you want to make sure you have one of the most secure homes on the block, consider investing in a smart home security system. They provide unparalleled safety features and allow you to monitor your home remotely. Plus, if you’re going to invest in all this smart technology, you should have a security system to keep it safe! 

In 2021, practically every traditional home security feature has a ‘smart’ equivalent: live smart automation locks and windows allow you to lock up with the click of a button; video doorbells provide 24/7 monitoring from anywhere, and smart security lights welcome you home from an evening out. The best part is that with new smart technology and Wi-Fi connectivity these computer-controlled devices put personalized security in your pocket. 

Smart locks, automatic lighting, indoor or outdoor cameras, and video doorbells are the elements that make up your security system. But when it comes to your security system itself, one trend has dominated 2021: artificial intelligence. According to the Security Industry Association, the integration of artificial intelligence into home security systems is the number one 2021 home security trend. As mentioned above, artificial intelligence connects your smart devices, providing you a seamless experience; in a home security system that means artificial intelligence can help cut down on response times and false alarms. It also means you may be able to control your entire security system with the click of an app or a simple voice command. 

Check out these popular devices:

3. Eco-Friendly Thermostat

Eco-friendly thermostats are one of the most basic yet popular smart home technologies on the market. They make it easy to adjust your home’s temperature according to your schedule and preferences. Some even use technology to learn your schedule and create a heating and cooling schedule for you! They are also generally simple to install and considered eco-friendly because you can turn off your heating or cooling when you’re out. Some smart thermostats claim to save their users as much as 12% off their heating bills and 15% off their cooling bills. 

What’s more, many smart thermostats have a sleek, modern design that doesn’t take away from your decor. Depending on which kind you decide to buy, smart thermostats can be controlled with a touch screen, voice command, artificial intelligence, or with an app. 

Here are a few popular smart thermostats to choose from:

4. Hands-Free Lights, Speakers, & Other Smart Luxuries 

With smart technology, just about anything in your house can be controlled hands-free. Voice-controlled smart lights and outlet plugs allow you to control practically any electric device in your house; and a smart speaker can play music, search the internet, and place orders for you. 

Why stop there? Dream big when it comes to smart technology — pretty much any convenience you can think of can be afforded by a properly equipped smart home. So think to yourself, “What does life look like in my smart house?” Do you wake up each morning to a home automation shower that’s personalized with your favorite music, lighting, and steam? Maybe a smart espresso machine that makes you the perfect cup of coffee?  You can even have a heated toilet seat if you want! Smart home luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, so take time to research the smart technology home solutions you want in your life. Check out these articles to get started: 

If you’re ready to invest in smart home technology for your Cedar Falls homes, check out our remodeling services, virtual remodeling, and learn why we’re the best choice for your home remodel!

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