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Kickstart the New Year with a Home Office Designed for Productivity

Approximately one in four Americans worked from home in 2021. If you were one of them, you know that sometimes trying to get work done from home can feel like an impossible challenge — especially if you have kids or other family members around during the day. But, there are ways you can improve your work productivity; and as we enter into 2022, it’s the perfect opportunity to step back, reflect, and take the time to set yourself up for success in the year ahead. Keep reading for tips on how to be productive at home and create a personal home office interior design style!

Kickstart the New Year with a Home Office Designed for Productivity

Choose Your Space 

Where you work impacts your focus, productivity, creativity, mood, and much more. So set yourself up for success by selecting a location for your home office with intention. Start by contemplating what type of environment you work best in. Do you prefer to work in the cacophony of a bustling cafe? Or do you need absolute silence? While you’re at it, consider whether you’d like to have more than one location in your home that’s designated a work-friendly zone. Having a second workspace can provide a change of scenery if you need a refresh. 

  • Pick a Place that Works for You

Now that you’ve spent some time contemplating a work environment, it’s time to apply what you’ve discovered. If you’ve learned that you need solitude to focus, make sure your home office is private, has a door, and you could consider doing some minor soundproofing. However, if you prefer an energetic environment, consider locating your office in a main area of the home and setting up a speaker nearby so you can listen to music while you work. 

  • Get Creative with Space

Carving out space for an office in an already packed house can be quite the challenge. So, more than likely, the room where your office is located will need to serve two purposes. Choose a room that is infrequently used, like a guest bedroom or dining area. Then set up your workplace somewhere it can be easily put away, like in an armoire — that way you don’t have to look at it once you’ve finished working for the day. You could even consider removing the clothes pole from an unused closet, installing electrical connections, and converting that into your home office. However, be cognizant that working in such a cramped space could impact your productivity. 

  • Consider Flow

If you work from home you should take frequent breaks to get up and move — this can help preserve your physical health and give your brain a moment to recharge before diving back in. For that reason, your home office should be easy to navigate and not cluttered with extra furniture. Make sure you have a simple, clear path to your desk — you’ll thank yourself next time you have to run to the bathroom!

Get Comfortable

You should be comfortable in your own home, and that sentiment extends to your home office. Plus, being able to personalize and control your workplace is one of the benefits of working from home. Take the time to create a home office that’s a celebration of your successes, professional aspirations, life, and personality. You’ll create a space that’s both inspiring and comforting — a place that feels like you. 

  • Invest in Your Dream Desk

Of all the office must-haves out there, a good desk or writing table is possibly the most important. You should pick a desk that has enough space to fit your computer, papers, printer, writing utensils, and any other work-related materials you need. But, for a productive desk layout, try to keep your desk as uncluttered as possible. You’ll also want your desk to be the proper height for your body size and chair so you can work comfortably. For something a little different, try an adjustable sitting or standing desk, or, if you prefer a portable workspace, consider getting a collapsible lap desk. 

  • Give Yourself a Chair You Love 

The key to a comfortable home office is getting a chair that you — and more specifically, your back — will love. Working from home, especially if you work at a desk all day, can take a toll on your body in the form of sore back, shoulder, and neck muscles. But the right chair can help alleviate that discomfort. Take your time researching what chair is best for you and make sure you test it out before purchasing. Ergonomic office chairs are a great choice to support your productivity and, for another layer of comfort, you can get a footstool to accompany your chair. 

  • Pay Attention to Light & Temperature

Proper lighting can make a huge impact on your workplace. Overhead fluorescent light will wash out your space and can give you a headache. Instead, light your office using natural light from nearby windows or lamps. Maximize your natural light by using sheer coverings, instead of heavy drapes. And make sure you have a light over your desk when you’re reading to avoid eye strain. Additionally, adjust the temperature controls so your office stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the workday. 

Keep it Simple & Functional

Minimalism isn’t just an aesthetic. It’s a lifestyle that focuses on efficiency, which makes it perfect to try out in your home office! In minimalism, less is more, so only add design elements to your office that serve a purpose. This will allow you to create an uncluttered, organized, and productive setup that can help you be successful. 

  • Stay Uncluttered

Minimalism starts with decluttering your space. That might not sound like much fun, but getting rid of the things you don’t use can streamline your work environment and help you be less distracted. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying! Here’s a good rule of thumb for decluttering: if you don’t use it in your day-to-day life, get rid of it. The notable exception here is that you should keep the items that bring you joy — you’ll be glad to have them in your office when you’re having a bad day.

  • Hide Cords

No one likes to see a messy tangle of cords and wires. They’re distracting and, quite frankly, ugly. Locate your technology near outlets where cords can be hidden behind a piece of furniture. While you’re at it, make sure you have easy access to the outlets in case you need to unplug something. To keep wires organized on your desk, use a fabric cord cover or feed your cords through a desk grommet. You can also use cord winders for floor wires or use a wire organizer to store your cords off the floor. 

  • Give Yourself Plentiful Storage

To be functional, your home office needs to have adequate storage. Luckily, there are plenty of different types of storage available. You can make use of your walls by installing a home office wall organizer like floating shelves. Floating shelves are simple, fit the minimalist aesthetic, and are the perfect place to store things that come in handy every once in a while. For work from home organization at your desk, try a stackable letter tray or a magazine holder. Keep in mind, however, that leaving papers on your desk can get messy, so it may be smarter to designate a drawer for your papers instead. You could also store your items on bookshelves or in a cube-shaped storage organizer.

Inspire Your Creativity

While your home office should be streamlined and distraction-free, it also should be full of things that bring you joy, inspire your creativity, and fuel your work ethic. One of the best ways to do that is to bring your favorite colors, knick-knacks, personal items, and design elements into your office. 

  • Pick the Perfect Color

You had a gray-scale cubicle at your last office job, but that doesn’t mean your home office should be so abysmal. Instead of choosing a neutral color, like white or beige, which will get boring after a while, choose a color that energizes you. For some people that might mean a hue of happy yellow, and for others that might be a calming blue or green. 

  • Let Your Personal Style Shine 

Adding personal touches will make your office a happier place to work. Combine your favorite artwork and photos to create a wall design for your office, and disperse personal knick-knacks sparingly to decorate your furniture. To keep from cluttering your space with extraneous decor, you can opt to personalize your desk utensils instead of adding decor. Try a stylish pencil holder or trendy lamp. Decorate your office with things that make you feel confident and ready to take on the day! 

Do you want a home office that’s as perfect as the one you’re imagining in your head? At Home Indeed, we can make it happen with the best materials possible! We prioritize making your vision come to life and giving you the best home addition remodeling experience possible. Plus, working with a design-build remodeler instead of a traditional builder has certain advantages. To learn more about us, check out our frequently asked questions!


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