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How to Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year in Your 2022 Remodel

Unprecedented challenges lead to unprecedented changes. And since the covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen just that. Our world has become more digital than ever, allowing us to access our workplaces, digital communities, entertainment, and more wherever we go. Pantone is commemorating the way these innovations have altered our lives with their Color of the Year: Very Peri (17-3938).

Pantone Color of the Year 2022Image source: Pantone's Color of the Year 

Very Peri is special and innovative in its own right because it’s the first-ever Color of the Year to be handcrafted by Pantone’s Color Institute. A lively combination of electric blue and warm red creates the inquisitive and cheerful purple that is Very Peri. In their announcement of the Color of the Year, Pantone said the shade is meant to help us “embrace this altered landscape of possibilities” and create a joyous atmosphere that encourages creativity. 

Keep reading to get tips for living life in color and learn how you can incorporate Very Peri into your home’s 2022 color palette!

The Perfect Pop

Don’t get it wrong, gray, white, and neutral color palettes, in general, are a classic. They’ll likely never go completely out of style, but there are ways to modernize them to keep your home looking fresh and on-trend. In 2022, you can do that by adding vibrant bursts of color — and there’s no better color than Very Peri. 

There are three prevailing color groups that are likely to be popular as accents in the color forecast for 2022: cool blues and greens; warm earth tones; and dark blacks, navy blues, or browns. Very Peri draws from two of these color groups by combining cool blue with deep red. In this way, Very Peri stays on-trend while still exploring new, innovative ideas. 

You can use Very Peri as an accent on decors, like pillows and art, furniture, or wallpaper. Even against an all-neutral color palette, Very Peri will add energy to your space and infuse an essence of boldness. To add more depth and contrast to your interior design, try fusing Very Peri with interesting textures like soft velvet or shiny leather. Or, if you want something especially bold, make Very Peri more than an accent by painting your walls in this dynamic hue.

Create a Complimentary Color Palette

Interior designers use color to convey mood, allowing our interiors to make us feel a certain way. To achieve this in your own home — no matter what mood you’re going for — you’ll need to coordinate your paint colors and create a cohesive color palette.  So let’s look at some of the 2022 interior color trends that make the perfect palette when combined with Very Peri!

Warm Neutrals

When you play with bright colors, you always run the risk of doing too much. And if that happens, you’ll end up with a space that makes you feel overwhelmed and cramped rather than free and light. That’s one reason it’s a good idea to incorporate neutrals into your color palette. In 2022, designers are using neutrals that are warmer rather than cooler, encompassing beiges, whites, creams, grays, and browns. These warm neutrals feel more comforting and relaxing, as opposed to cool neutrals which can feel sterile or unwelcoming. Plus, against a background of warm neutral colors, Pantone's Very Peri — and any other accent color for that matter —will really pop!

Soothing Blues & Greens 

Nature-inspired hues like blues and greens are amongst the most popular interior colors for 2022. In fact, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore both chose dusty gray-green shades for their 2022 colors of the year. 

You can use blue and green with Very Peri in several ways. In the color palettes created to accompany their Color of the Year, Pantone experimented with both muted and vibrant shades of green. Relaxed light greens balanced the energy of Very Peri, while the green jewel tones Pantone used added even more liveliness. Pantone also utilized light or gray-blues to match Very Peri’s cool undertones. Indigo fog color accents match particularly well because, like Very Peri, the color has cool undertones.

Earth Tones & Bright Citrus Hues

As reflected in the trend towards warm neutral bases, comfortable earthy colors are in for 2022. Along with dark browns and tans, deep shades of orange, rust, and carmel are all gaining popularity. Reminiscent of the 1970s, these earthy hues create a moody, bohemian sophistication. You can go for a strong color contrast by pairing Very Peri with deep orange or something a little more lowkey like a light brown. 

Brighten up these deep shades — and, as a bonus, accentuate the playfulness of Very Peri — by adding in cheerful, citrusy shades of yellow, pink, or orange. These colors are expected to be big next year, particularly in saturated hues, like mustard yellow and rose pink. And combined with purple, they create an especially sumptuous palette. In 2022 bathroom and kitchen design, designers are opting for balmy colors, like these, to warm up traditionally cool rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. So try these hues out with a peachy bathroom or happy yellow kitchen!

Black & Navy  

Touches of black and navy will be everywhere in the new year. These simple accents blend into any color palette, bringing elegance and depth wherever they’re added. If you like the simplicity of minimalism, but can’t stand all that white, try combining warm neutrals with darks to create visual interest. Then embrace several brighter hues to give your home some vibrancy. 

Dark colors are an especially popular trend for kitchen cabinets in 2022. Black cabinetry paired with marble counters look stunning, or you can use a navy palette to achieve a softer, yet similar effect. 

As the new year arrives, it’s the perfect time to give your home the refresh it needs. And we’re the design-build remodelers to help you do it! We care about making your experience extraordinary and putting your needs first. Check out our remodeling services and contact us to see how we can make your home its ``best self” in 2022! 


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