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Home Aesthetics: 4 Ideas for Your Cedar Falls Remodel

Lately, we’ve talked to more than a few homeowners considering an interior design remodel – meaning homeowners who were ready to update both the functionality and the style of their home.

Home Aesthetics: 4 Ideas for Your Cedar Falls Remodel

The internet can be full of contradictory advice about what’s “in” and what’s “out” when it comes to choosing a fresh interior design theme – one well-respected website says mid-century modern is out, yet another equally-well-respected website says it’s still in. That’s where our design-build team comes in! 

Our in-house design staff is here to listen and create a home that will always be in style because it will be in your style. Until you’re ready to reach out, there are some basic guidelines that will help you sift through all the “influencer-speak”, so you can arrive at the right design for your home: 

  • Do you really like it, or is someone online just telling you it's "in" now?
  • Is it functional? Does it work for you?
  • Is it flexible enough for your family’s changing needs?
  • Is it easy to clean and maintain? 
  • Is it a trend that is likely to fall out of fashion when it comes time for you to sell your home?

With these five guidelines in mind, and with some expert home redesign advice from our Home Indeed design-build team, you can hush all of the competing voices and come home to a timeless look that you’ll love to see each day, and that will be easy to refresh as trends change. So, without further ado, here are ideas for four main rooms in the home to get you thinking about your Cedar Falls home remodeling project… 


1. Timeless Kitchen Design Ideas

While gray kitchens were all the rage a few years ago, it’s a trend that has (as trends do) faded. If you are redesigning your kitchen, lighter creams, blues, blushes, greens, and natural, neutral colors tend to withstand trend changes. You can always add bold accents like a hand-crafted ceramic tile backsplash in bold or classic colors and designs, as well as centerpiece light fixtures. Also, you’ll want to focus heavily on materials that last for a long time, energy-efficient appliances, and as much storage space as possible (we love roll-out cabinets, lazy susans, and hidden pantries)! Smart design can even turn a smaller kitchen into a haven for extra storage. Keep in mind that kitchens these days are a hub of family activity, so design a space with all of those activities (like #WFH and kids' science projects) in mind.


2. Timeless Living Room Design Ideas

The living room should be a gracious, welcoming place of comfort and flexibility – keeping the lines clean and the furniture soft will ensure a timeless feel for years to come. Although the “Grandmillenial” style is big right now; with lots of florals and wallpapers that harken back to a simpler time, it’s possible this trend will eventually fade again. Some ideas to keep it fresh and timeless include built-in shelving that you can use for books and dĂ©cor mixed from a variety of eras that make it feel less anchored to one era or another. Symmetry and neutral colors can also work for you here. You can always update the look with an accent wall color, throw pillows, and other decorative accents that change with time while the overall look stays classic and timeless. One way to get an idea of how different designs will look before even starting a remodeling project is to use a virtual design app that will help you see what an interior design might look like in reality before it’s reality. This can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run! 


3. Timeless Bathroom Spa Design Ideas

Want to turn your primary bath into a spa? We get it! Remember to focus heavily on function as well as design. There has been a lot of talk about whether or not you need a shower and a bathtub, but this is something best left for your use of the space. If you use both, let’s design the bathroom of your dreams with both. If you mostly shower, create a deluxe shower with seating, a rain-head shower head, a steam shower, and all the trimmings! 

Tile is huge right now. Not just the classic subway tile, either. Chevron-patterned tile, ceramic tile in bold colors like blues and greens are not only “in” – but will provide a pop of color that, when designed in balance with a neutral palette - will keep your primary bathroom looking fresh.


4. Make Your Basement Work for You

The basement is one of those areas of the home that often gets forgotten, but it shouldn’t be! A finished, remodeled, and functional basement can not only increase resale value, but it can become an incredible asset to your family. Some of the great ideas that our remodeling team has worked on include these cool interior basement design upgrades:

  • A Flex Basement: This is one of the most in-demand home remodeling projects. We recommend creating a flexible space that can be used as a home office (with all of the plug-ins and working spaces), a workout area, or a place to relax. Pull-out desks, built-in shelving, and storage, adjustable furniture, etc. make turning your basement into several things at once a reality! 
  • In-Law Suite: If you have a large basement area, and part of it opens out to the outside for easy access, turning this into a complete living area with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space gives you the option of bringing family closer or even renting out the space for extra income! 
  • A Full-Fledged Home Theatre: Think stadium seating, a popcorn machine and snacks area, and the latest home theater system with surround sound!
  • Wine Tasting Lounge Extraordinaire: Basements keep a more consistent temperature naturally throughout the year, making them ideal for a wine cellar and a place to invite guests for a tasting!

One important thing to remember about basement remodeling is that choosing the right materials is everything. Since basements are prone to moisture, extensive work needs to be done to prevent water from getting in, and materials need to be waterproof, water-resistant, and quick-drying one way or the other!

Call on The Home Design Services Homeowners Trust 

If you are itching to remodel and have some ideas about the trends you’re seeing and need to bounce ideas off of some experts, schedule a consultation with our design-build pros at Home Indeed, and let’s get to work on your home.

And that’s not all… we have two home remodeling showrooms, in Cedar Falls and Independence, IA where you can shop for all your kitchen must-haves under one roof. No more driving around town dragging samples from here and there trying to make your ideas all fit together into the perfect design. Here, you can compare all your design options side-by-side. Yes, it really is as easy as that! Are you ready to get started?

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