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How to Work with an Interior Designer in Cedar Valley

When it comes to remodeling your house in Cedar Valley, there are a few major players who come to mind, such as architects, your general contractor, and various subcontractors.

However, there is another professional who works more behind-the-scenes but can nevertheless contribute to your project in unique and meaningful ways: the interior designer. With their specialized education and skillset, interior designers make the entire process of designing and executing your residential renovation easier and more efficient from start to finish.

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What Does an Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer works directly with you to evaluate how your current space is being used and provide advice for redesigning and restructuring the space from the ground up. They typically have a specialty area—such as residential design, corporate design, universal design, or healthcare design—and they either work for a specific firm or as an independent contractor who is hired for select projects.

Interior designers go through two to four years of formal training and generally have to pass an exam to become certified. Interior decorators, on the other hand, focus primarily on decorative details, such as window treatments, color palettes and furniture patterns. While some decorators undergo a basic training program, they have not received formal education in the foundational principles of interior design or passed an exam demonstrating their knowledge of industry standards.

Interior designers are knowledgeable not only about aesthetics and decorative elements, but also layout, space planning, and other items that affect the function of an area. They work alongside your remodeling contractor during the design phase of the project to navigate details and provide input to ensure each space is functional and safe but also attractive and suited to your particular tastes and preferences. In order to be successful, interior designers must build a respected reputation in the industry and consistently execute their work with excellence. Some of their responsibilities may include:

  • Advertising and bidding for new projects
  • Working with you to pinpoint your project goals
  • Visualizing how spaces are currently used and how their use could change in the future
  • Sketching design plans
  • Selecting and placing orders for materials and furnishings that meet your goals and suit your design style
  • Coordinating with your contractor regarding plans, specifications, timeline, and costs
  • Doing a walk-through after the project is complete to ensure you are satisfied

Tips for Selecting an Interior Designer

Since you work closely with your interior designer throughout your home remodel, it makes a big difference who you choose and how you incorporate them into your process. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you plan to work with an interior designer in Cedar Valley:

1. Find a Good Match

All interior designers receive the same type of training and education, but that doesn’t mean they’re identical. Interior designers have different quirks and business practices. Each one also has a unique style, as do you. One interior designer could be particularly adept at creating spacious, contemporary homes with clean lines and geometric features. Another might be especially proficient with developing a more rustic, warm and traditional aesthetic. Take time to find an interior designer who is thoroughly familiar with your preferred style and enjoys applying it to a home or individual room. You should also ask to see a portfolio or samples of their past work.

2. Incorporate the Designer Early in the Process

Don’t wait too long to bring your interior designer onto the project. While you may be excited to have their help picking out color schemes, finishes, and other decorative elements, they also can assist the rest of your remodeling team in designing the physical layout of the space. Involving them as early as possible often leads to a more collaborative, cohesive process, where all your key players are providing crucial input along the way.

3. Involve Key Household Members

Although you may be spearheading the renovation project, it’s important to get feedback from other household members, such as your partner, older children, or aging parents who live with you. Try to ensure they are present for the initial planning phase with your interior designer, during which you discuss priorities for the project and what aspects of the existing space are causing frustration or discomfort. Your interior designer can incorporate all the feedback while creating a plan that makes your home more livable for everyone who resides there.

4. Clarify the Billing Procedures

A few other areas where interior designers may differ include their communication style and billing procedures. During your initial interview or consultation with interiors designers in Cedar Valley, take time to learn about their process and clarify their particular fee structure. Interior designers typically either charge an hourly fee in addition to the cost of materials or they charge you the retail price for materials and merchandise, retaining the upcharge as their service fee. Transparency is key, and a reputable designer will share a detailed budget with you before they make any purchases.

5. Keep an Open Mind

You may already have a clear idea of what you want, down to each specific door handle and light fixture. Keep in mind, however, that interior designers are professionals who have years of experience augmenting homes, kitchens, bathrooms, and other space to optimize their function and appearance. They may be able to help you accomplish your renovation goals in ways you never imagined, so try to keep an open mind as you plan the project together.

Is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth It?

An interior designer can save you time, money and mental energy in the long run, but, by hiring us, we can do everything an interior designer can and much more. With our two designers on staff, we are familiar with cost-saving methods and substitutes for common materials, as well as how to increase efficiency to keep your project on time and on budget. When you partner with Home Indeed for your interior remodel in Cedar Valley, you gain access to a dedicated team of both designers and project managers and a streamlined design-build process to help refine your vision and transform it into a reality.

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