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How to Stay in Your Home Longer: 7 Things You Need to Add

No matter how much you love your home in Northeast Iowa, there often comes a time when it no longer suits you and your family in the way it used to. Maybe your household has grown in size, or your aesthetic tastes have changed, or your children are involved in new activities that lead to different needs at home.

Regardless of the reason, you may find yourself in need of a change. However, that doesn’t mean you must give up your beloved home altogether. With a few home improvement jobs—some major, some minor—you can extend the lifespan of your house in the Cedar Valley and its suitability for your family while also increasing the value.

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Best Additions for Your Northeast Iowa Home

If you want to maintain or upgrade your home for the years ahead, there are several renovations and additions to consider. You’ll also want to prioritize things that appreciate in value and are worthwhile investments into your property.

As you take a look around your house and evaluate what needs to change for you to remain in the residence for a longer duration, here are some additions for your kitchen, bathroom, living room and other spaces to think about:

1. An Open Layout


Sometimes the main issue with a kitchen or living room is not the square footage of the space but merely how it’s used. With the wrong layout, your home may feel dysfunctional or inconvenient. As your family life evolves, consider removing internal walls to create more flow through your living room or a kitchen-dining area. This type of project is more extensive because it involves potentially moving walls and changing electrical and plumbing lines, but it can completely transform your home in a positive way to increase its value and functional life.


2. A Large Kitchen Island


Modern family life looks different than it has in the past. One observable change is how the kitchen is no longer merely a place for cooking and dining. In many ways, families now treat the kitchen as the hub of the home, where relaxing and entertaining also transpire. Creating an open plan kitchen and installing a large island makes the space more suitable for a wider range of activities. Guests can gather around and serve their plates during get-togethers, or your children can do their homework at the island while you prepare meals by the sink and stove. Plus, you achieve extra storage and countertop space. 


3. A Utility Room


A utility room is another practical addition that simultaneously increases the property value of your home in Northeast Iowa. If you use your new utility room for your washer and dryer units, it helps contain the noise and clutter that accompany doing laundry. It can also serve a dual purpose as a mudroom or to store various odds and ends. When you add on a utility room, think about proper ventilation and also prioritize having direct access to the room from your yard or garage.  


4. New Windows


Adding new windows to your kitchen, bathroom or living room can serve two purposes. First, you can replace older single-pane windows with products featuring double or triple glazing to improve the energy efficiency of your house. Even if you already have double-glazed windows, they should be replaced every 15 to 20 years for optimum performance. You can also take this opportunity to modernize your design style and keep it up to date with current trends. Additionally, biophilic bathroom designs are trending, and that involves bringing in more natural light and establishing a visible connection to the outdoors.


5. An En Suite Bathroom


Creating an in-law apartment by adding an en suite bathroom to an existing bedroom may also enhance the versatility and function of your property. One option is to expand your home’s square footage to accommodate the new bathroom, or you can simply add a smaller bathroom into a larger bedroom while trying to not eliminate too much functional space for the bed and dresser. Once complete, you will have an apartment-style space that can provide privacy and comfort for an adult child living at home, an aging parent or an in-home caretaker. In the future, you could also rent out the unit for supplemental income.


6. A Multifunctional Space


You may not know exactly what the future holds for you and your family, but if you want to be able to remain in your current home longer, consider adding a multifunctional space. You can start by repurposing a spare bedroom or converting a garage, basement or attic. If you know how you want to use the new space—for a gym, media room or home office—tailor your remodeling project to meet specific requirements, such as a sound system or built-in desk. However, by adding adequate electrical sockets, proper ventilation, good storage and versatile furniture, you have a flexible multifunctional spare room to use for whatever you might need in the future.


7. Outdoor Living Space


Any outside space—whether it be a deck, balcony or roof terrace—is an effective way to add long-term value to your property and also improve the quality of life for your family while residing in your Northeast Iowa home. Choosing the right type of addition depends on the style of your house, as well as the size and topography of your yard. A wood or composite deck is a worthwhile investment, especially as it makes the outdoor living space accessible to all members of the household. However, if you have limited square footage or you like your exterior landscaping as it is, you can build the balcony off the second floor. Utilizing a flat roof is another way to gain valuable outside space at your home.

Adapting Your Home for the Future

Families evolve and lifestyles change. It only makes sense your home in Northeast Iowa may also need to be altered or expanded to properly fit into your future. Whether you need simple renovations and modifications or a major remodel to optimize your house, Home Indeed can help. Our design-build process is used to deliver a range of remodeling services, from simple handyman projects to complete bathroom, kitchen and whole home makeovers—whatever it takes to upgrade or transform your house to better serve your family for years to come.

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