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How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? Are you wondering which kitchen layouts to consider?

Kitchen advice can be found just about anywhere. You go to a cabinet showroom, and they give you recommendations and advice. You go to a flooring showroom, and they give you recommendations and advice. If you are like most people, you have probably gone to every home décor and building construction warehouse and showroom in your area. But are you any closer to finding what you need than when you first started?

Probably not! After all that shopping, endless recommendations, and advice your head is probably spinning…right? We get it! That’s why before you do anything else, you might consider an all-in-one design-build option.

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What Is a Design-Build Option?

There are plenty of advantages of design-build remodeling. A kitchen design-build team is a group of experts that are usually employees of a company rather than a bunch of third-party contractors. A design-build team will provide you with an in-house step-by-step process that starts with a vision-building tour through their showroom and a design consultation that will help you develop a vision for your perfect kitchen.

Your designated kitchen architect will help you develop an efficient kitchen layout and kitchen space planning, so you will end up with a custom-designed kitchen that is not only functional but is also the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Having a design-build team will help facilitate a seamless process with clear communication, accountability, and budget control. The alternative is you having to travel from store to store gathering samples and getting a mixed bag of advice from different people who can’t see your vision. Additionally, they can’t effectively communicate with each other and work together to follow through with every aspect of the construction process.

The bottom line is that if you want to end up with your dream kitchen instead of regrets, you might want to consider using a design-build team, so you end up with a perfect kitchen—just like the one you envisioned.

What Is the Best Layout for a Kitchen?

The best layout for your kitchen remodeling project will depend on how much space you have. If you have the space, a U-shaped kitchen is perfect because you will have plenty of counter space, three walls, and an island in the middle.

Other popular designs include L-shaped kitchen configurations which give you plenty of counter and cabinet space. Then there is the timeless galley kitchen that works well because your counters and cabinets are included on both sides of the kitchen (galley). The galley-style kitchen layout tends to go in and out of style with the times, but it does have its advantages. And finally, for smaller spaces, there is the one-wall kitchen which is just as the name implies—it’s along one wall. You can also have an island installed across from it if you have the space.

The best way to come up with the perfect kitchen layout is to start with some kitchen sketches. Your design-build team would be happy to prepare these for you.

What Should Be Included in a Kitchen Design?

An efficient kitchen starts with the right kitchen configurations. And this process begins with using the kitchen work triangle method of design. A proper kitchen triangle accounts for efficiency by creating a clear path between the food prep area (the stove), the cleaning area (the sink), and the food storage area (the refrigerator). Using this method will ensure your new kitchen provides you with maximum efficiency and usability.

However, if your space won’t work using the work triangle method, your design-build team will be able to configure another design that will work well with the space you do have.

Other things to consider are:

  • Traffic flow
  • Cabinet and appliance door swing directions
  • Microwave height
  • Workspace next to appliances
  • Reachable functionality
  • Number and location of electrical outlets

What Kitchen Colors Are in for 2021?

According to Better Homes & Gardens, warm colors are beginning to supersede the cool tones that have been popular in recent years. Warm colors are thought to bring about feelings of compassion and comfort versus the cold feeling that cool tones seem to have. Additionally, white is still a favorite kitchen color scheme.

Better Homes & Gardens also mentions that warm comfort colors are like comfort foods because they both offer a sense of familiarity and normalcy especially when facing the unknown. We can all certainly relate to that. The author goes on to mention how well pairing greenery, natural wood tones, and woven textures work well with warm, optimistic colors.

There is also an “organic style” type of kitchen that’s trending in 2021. This basically uses soft light, a neutral color palette, and minimizing the paint color contrast between the trim and the walls. Using matte or brushed finishes to round out your kitchen will also help bring together the overall softness of this look. Then all you need are some accents such as an indoor herb garden or whatever else you like that will make your new kitchen perfect.

How Can I Make My Kitchen Look More Modern?

If you want to make your kitchen look more modern but don’t want a total rebuild, find a kitchen designer located near your Cedar Falls or Independence, Iowa area home that can give you some kitchen design tips for modernizing what you have.

Here are some suggestions to help get you started.

  • New cabinet doors and backsplash replacements
  • Countertop replacements
  • New flooring
  • Install a new sink and new lighting
  • Purchase new energy-efficient appliances
  • Replace kitchen hardware
  • Add pull-out shelves and/or other kitchen cabinet storage organizers
  • Remove walls

These are just a few ways to make your kitchen look more modern. Ask your design-build team for more ideas for turning your old, outdated kitchen into a modern marvel. You might be surprised at just how easy and cost-effective this is to do.

What’s Next?

Would you like to inquire about some kitchen layouts from a design-build team? Or perhaps you just want a little friendly kitchen advice? If so, please Contact Home Indeed today. We believe in delivering top-quality products along with an exceptional customer experience. We achieve this by doing everything with integrity, care, and efficiency. We look forward to serving you!

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