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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

There are numerous reasons to remodel a bathroom: replacing worn and outdated fixtures and materials, adapting the space to your current lifestyle, increasing your home value, or adding new features to enhance your comfort.

Once you’ve determined the objective and priorities of your bathroom renovation, the next step is developing a rough budget for the project based on average costs in the area. Whether you’re planning a full bathroom remodel or to replace a few key fixtures, researching figures and preparing ahead of time gives you peace of mind and confidence about the investment you’re making into your home near Independence or Cedar Falls.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom

How Much is a Bathroom Remodel in Northern Iowa?

The average cost to remodel a small bathroom is about $6,500, but the price can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, the size of the bathroom and its main function, and the materials you choose for flooring, fixtures, and finishes. Here is a brief look at the average bathroom remodeling cost for different types of projects near Independence:

Powder Room Remodeling Costs

Powder rooms or half-bathrooms are relatively inexpensive spaces to renovate, as they typically are about 15- to 25-square feet and include only a toilet, sink and minimal storage, plumbing, and electrical. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about upgrading a shower or bath. The average cost to remodel a power room is about $3,000 to $15,000, depending on whether you choose basic, economy features and materials or high-end options to create a more luxurious feel in a fancy guest bathroom.

Hall Bathroom Remodeling Costs

The cost of a midrange remodel to a hall bathroom—generally shared by multiple family members and occasionally visitors—is about $20,000, according to regional data from Remodeling’s 2020 Cost vs. Value report. If your hall bathroom is used by young children, it’s not the best place to invest in upscale selections like a spacious walk-in shower or top-of-the-line stone tile. Sticking to less expensive yet still functional fixtures and finishes, including a basic tub or shower and stock cabinetry, can help you lower your bathroom remodeling cost while still upgrading the space and adding to your home value in Northern Iowa.

Master Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Typically, the master bathroom is where you should opt for high-end fixtures and upscale materials, such as a freestanding bathtub, double vanity, walk-in shower, and custom lighting. The goal is to create the type of environment you can see yourself enjoying for self-care and your personal morning and evening routines for several years to come. Additionally, a beautiful, efficient, and comfortable master bathroom serves as a highly desirable selling point if you move. The cost to remodel a master bathroom ranges between $10,000 and $30,000, or an average of $18,000. For a luxury bath remodel in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, the cost typically approaches $50,000 or more.

Master Bathroom Expansion Costs

If your master bathroom feels not only outdated, but also cramped and inconvenient, you may consider an expansion. The cost to add on to your master bathroom is about $47,000 for a midrange master bathroom addition and $87,000 for an upscale addition. In terms of the investment, you can expect to recoup about 50% of the remodeling costs in resale value, or approximately $23,600 and $43,600, respectively. Expansions add significantly to remodeling costs for master baths because they entail rewiring electrical lines, adjusting the plumbing, moving walls, and completing other architectural and engineering tasks.

Bathroom Material Costs in Northern Iowa

Bathroom Material Costs in Northern Iowa

While labor accounts for part of your bathroom remodel cost, the biggest impact is derived from the types of materials you choose for different features and elements. Here is a breakdown of some common bathroom material costs and how they factor into the overall cost to remodel a bathroom:

Bathroom Flooring Costs

The price to install new flooring in any bathroom varies significantly based on a few key factors, such as the style and type of flooring, as well as the size of the room since flooring materials are sold by the square foot. Keep in mind, redoing a bathroom floor includes not only the price of materials and equipment, but also the cost for demolition and removal of the old floor and any repairs to damaged sub-flooring. In general, the average cost to install bathroom flooring in Independence ranges from $10 to $16 per square foot, or $800 to $3,500 for the whole project. Here is the typical cost per square foot based on different materials:

  • Tile, $10 to $20
  • Wood, $6 to $20
  • Vinyl, $2 to $8
  • Linoleum, $3 to 10

Bathroom Cabinetry Costs

Bathroom vanity cabinets are another part of your overall bathroom remodel cost in Northern Iowa. Installing new cabinetry in your hall or master bathroom costs about $1,500 on average, which includes the unit itself and the cost of labor. However, bathroom vanities come in different sizes and designs. You also have the option to purchase prefabricated, or stock, cabinets or have a builder design and construct custom models. Premade vanities generally cost anywhere from $100 to $500 for a 2.5-foot, single-sink model to $1,500 to $2,000 for a 6-foot, double-sink option. Building and installing custom cabinetry runs about $600 to nearly $3,000. Removing an old unit, disposing of materials, and replacing plumbing pipes may add extra costs.

Bathroom Countertop Materials

Countertops are a separate cost from your bathroom cabinets, and they run about $5 to $135 per square foot for the materials and $200 to $1,000 for the installation. As with the cabinets themselves, the price of your new countertops depends on the number of sinks, whether the sinks are separate or built-in, and the material you choose. For example, quartz vanity tops—which are an ideal choice for bathrooms—cost about $75 per square foot, while cultured marble is about $65 per square foot, ceramic tile ranges from $6 to $19 per square foot, and composite materials cost between $75 and $120 per square foot.

Remodeling Your Bathroom in Iowa

Researching average costs for individual aspects of a bathroom remodel or the entire project can help you set expectations in terms of budget and financing needs. However, you won’t know the exact bathroom remodeling cost for your project near Independence, Iowa, until you’ve selected a professional remodeling team to design and execute your bathroom renovation or addition. Our team at Home Indeed can help identify the best ways to improve the style, function and efficiency of your bathroom without exceeding your intended budget.

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