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How Long Does Remodeling Take in Iowa?

When homeowners start planning for a renovation on their property, they tend to have two main questions from the get-go: What will the home remodel cost? And, when will it be done?

Having a general idea of how long your project will take to complete is imperative to deciding when to schedule the work and how to temporarily restructure your lifestyle to accommodate for the construction phase.

While there is no simple answer when it comes to determining the precise timeline for a home renovation in Northern Iowa, you can get a general idea of what to expect based on the type of project you’re doing and the scope of work involved.

How Long Does Remodeling Take in Iowa_

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

The exact length of time required for your kitchen remodel in Cedar Valley depends on the size of the space, what kitchen components you plan to replace, and whether you are significantly changing the existing floor plan. In general, kitchen renovations range from approximately three weeks for basic cosmetic upgrades to three to five months for a complete transformation. That includes site preparation and construction, but does not account for planning, preparation, and design, which can take another two to four weeks.

One of the best ways to calculate your kitchen remodeling timeline is to break it down by components. For example, replacing your kitchen countertops generally takes about a week to three weeks depending on the material you’re using, as well as whether you selected a stock or customized option and the length of cabinetry you are covering with the countertop.

Removing your old kitchen backsplash and installing new tile takes about two days, although it can be more than that if you selected a particularly complex pattern or you’re working around fixtures. The same is true for your flooring. Complexity plays a role in determining the timeline of the project, as does the flooring material you choose and whether you’re overlaying the existing floor or tearing it out to install the new product. Generally, however, you should estimate about one to five days for the flooring replacement. Once that is complete, installation of the other materials—including appliances, fixtures, lighting, and cabinet hardware—happens within another few days.

Your kitchen remodel may take longer if you are changing the placement of key components, such as your oven, refrigerator, or sink. Doing so often requires rerouting or adding plumbing and electrical lines, which extends the length of your project. If you’re changing the location of your kitchen within your house or substantially altering the layout, you should also factor in time for obtaining the proper permits, as well as scheduling a final inspection of the job site before your kitchen becomes operational once again.

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

Remodeling a bathroom mirrors remodeling your kitchen in some ways. Unlike redoing a bedroom or adding on a closet or sunroom, when you renovate, expand, or add on a bathroom, there are more components to address, such as plumbing, electrical, gas lines, and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Additionally, the remodeling timeline depends on the type of bathroom you’re targeting. Renovating a small half-bathroom or powder room could take about three weeks to a month if the work proceeds smoothly, while doing a major upscale remodel on a master bathroom could require anywhere from two to three months, including planning and execution.

Once again, you can calculate your anticipated bathroom remodeling timeline by looking at each individual part of the project. For example, demolition itself typically takes about two days, or longer if your team is working on a second story. Insulating the bathroom and hanging drywall takes another two to three days.

As for the major bathroom components, you should schedule approximately two to three days to replace bathroom tile on your walls, shower, and potentially the floor. With tile, there is an applying-and-drying cycle to account for. Whether you’re installing a vanity with an integrated sink and countertop or custom cabinetry, that project only adds on a day or two since there tends to be minimal cabinetwork in bathrooms. Next is the flooring, which also varies. You can lay down a simple vinyl flooring in half a day, which tile, natural stone, or hardwood flooring takes much longer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t always know exactly what you’ll find when you start removing vanities, flooring, or the shower base. You may happen upon previously undetected damage or structural issues that must be addressed before your project can progress, which affects both your bathroom remodeling budget and timeline. Your renovation project can also be held up if your materials are back-ordered or if you’re waiting on special imported materials and customized items.

How Long Does a Whole House Renovation Take?

Calculating how long your whole house remodel will take also depends on the scope of the project. If you are upgrading every major room in the home—including the kitchen, bathroom(s), living room, and basement—your project will typically fall between four and eight months. Additional projects, such as building a deck or replacing the roof, can each add a few extra days to a week.

Remodeling your entire home is a more daunting undertaking, as it takes immense planning and preparation. Once the work is underway, you have to work around certain areas of your house being in accessible for weeks at a time, which can significantly alter your homelife.

Whole Home Remodel: Where to Start?

If you’re ready to take on a whole home remodel in Northern Iowa, you should start by determining your renovation goals and a rough budget. Once you’ve got a basic idea for the project, find a reputable design-build team in Cedar Valley, such as Home Indeed, to help you refine your vision and determine exactly what you want to accomplish in each room of the house.

With our team of diverse and dedicated professionals, we make the renovation process simple and seamless. From inviting you to our expansive showroom and guiding you through the selection process to finalizing the budget and timeline for construction and procuring your permits, we are determined to be an efficient, one-source solution to all your home remodeling goals.

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