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Is Central Air Worth Adding to My Cedar Falls Remodel?

Are you remodeling your home and are anxious to call the days of lugging your bulky A/C unit up the stairs and into the nearest window? If so, you’ve probably dreamt about central air – magical, evenly-cooled, efficient convenience.



Let’s break down the details of installing central air during your home remodeling project, such as: how much will it cost, will it add value to your home, the difference between central air and central heat, and whether this decision is right for you!

There are plenty of questions you should ask and information you need to consider before you proceed, and we’re here to help. Let’s go over some of the details you need to know before converting to central air.


Is It Worth Installing Central Air?

Adding central air to your home will change your life! There would be no more sweaty uncomfortable days and nights, no more dragging out the window AC units and installing them or having to deal with those extra humid days. Additionally, there will be no more worries about you or anyone in your family having any kind of medical emergency caused by overheating or heat exhaustion, which is an extra piece of mind as you or aging family members may begin aging-in-place in your home. 

So, is it worth installing central air? In our opinion, absolutely! With that, you probably want to dig a little deeper into this topic to be sure it’s the best decision for your family and your needs. 


What Is the Cost of Central AC Installation?

The cost to add central air to your home remodel will depend on several factors. For example, how much space will your new central AC need to cover? How complex of a job will it be to add your central AC installation, and so on.

Generally speaking, adding air conditioning to a house will average about $5,600 if you use a reputable HVAC company in Cedar Falls, IA. Although, depending on your needs and the size of your home, the cost to add central air could range anywhere between $3,800 and $7,400. t’s not uncommon for more complex central heat and air installations to cost upwards of $10,000 and sometimes even $15,000.


Does Adding Central Air Increase Home Value?

If you’ve decided to add central air to your home, you probably want to know how much a new HVAC system may add to the value of a home, right?

Well, adding a central heat and air system to your home could add up to 10% to the value of your home, in addition to offering you some long-term savings down the road! Some states - Iowa included - offer renewable energy and energy-efficient incentives that would be worth digging into before making your decision.

If you need more proof that adding central air to your home could be more comfortable and possibly more efficient, here it is! Did you know that 46% of all homebuyers state that a house without an air conditioner is a deal-breaker? If you’re remodeling your home with the intent to sell, or can see your family upgrading or downsizing in the next several years, this is a huge factor to consider. Boost that curb appeal!

Is Central Air More Efficient?

According to Energy.gov, central AC units are more efficient than window units or single room air conditioners. Additionally, a central air conditioner is much quieter, more convenient to operate, and is hidden out of the way versus a window unit air conditioner or room air conditioner.

However, we do understand that a window unit air conditioner is significantly cheaper upfront to purchase, but the monthly costs to run a window air conditioning unit are around $30-$80 or so depending on how much it is used.

At the end of the day, a window unit might be cheaper upfront, but the cost over time is significantly more than what you would pay for a central AC unit, as a central AC unit will normally last somewhere between 15-20 years.


Adding Central Air to Forced Air Heat?

If you already have a forced-air heating system, you might be wondering if you can add central air to that system. The short answer is yes. But, doing so can sometimes be a complex process that a handyman contractor, home remodeling contractor, or HVAC expert could assist you with. However, if your home already has existing ductwork the process will be a bit easier! The ductwork might need a bit of altering first, so it’s best to ask your Cedar Falls general contractor about the specifics for adding central air to forced air heat in your home before you begin your remodeling process.


Additional Benefits of Adding Central Air to Your Home

We have discussed many reasons for wanting to add central air to your home, but there are plenty more. Check it out:

1. Quieter

An HVAC system is much quieter than a traditional window AC unit. A window unit has a continual rumble that not only gets on your nerves at times, but it also may potentially cause you to not be able to hear someone talking to you or to easily hear the TV or music. 

2. Out of Sight

An HVAC system, for the most part, is out of sight because it’s not installed in a variety of windows throughout your house. Therefore, you have a much better view, and you can actually use your windows. (Remember curb appeal? This is another addition to that if you’re considering selling in the next few years).

3. Convenience

Having an HVAC system installed in your home is so much more convenient than using a window unit, as a central air system also provides you with more control. Central air units are easier to adjust, and once the temperature is set, the system will work automatically.

4. Even Cooling

A central air system will cool your home much quicker and more efficiently than window units. Additionally, the cooling will be much more even throughout your home versus having hot spots and cold spots like you do with a window AC unit.

5. Both Heating and Cooling

You have the option of having a complete heating and cooling system installed. A complete HVAC system will provide you with all the benefits we mentioned above when installed in your home. It also has the added benefit of having both heat and air at your fingertips.

And who doesn’t want a system that’s out of sight, convenient, and has even heating and cooling!


What’s Next?

If you’re getting ready to move forward with a home remodel in the Cedar Falls or Independence, IA areas, contact Home Indeed today! Let our team know if you would like more information about converting your home to central heat and air. Everything we do is centered around making your remodeling experience extraordinary, and we promise to put what matters most to you first, and that includes making you more comfortable in your home.

With every one of our jobs, we assign an accessible, accountable professional to lead every stage of your project. This will help ensure a seamless process that allows for clear communication, accountability, and budget control. And we look forward to doing the same for you too!

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