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How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take in Cedar Falls, IA?

One of the most-asked questions before we begin any remodeling project is, “how long will it take?” Like any remodeling project, your bathroom renovation timeline will be unique depending on what you want the finished product to be. This isn't a room where you can afford to skimp on the details (because, well… water). 

Let’s dive into some of the details.



Why do Bathroom Remodels Take so Long?

Some bathroom remodeling projects seem to go quickly, while some seem to take a long time. Being prepared for anything is what sets apart the DIY-ers and the professionals. It is not uncommon to start preparing (or gutting) a bathroom for a deep renovation, only to discover underlying problems that must be addressed before moving forward. This could be mold or water damage, for example. Those issues must be remedied before going further with new installations, and that can take time!

Another factor is how much you want to change; are you just looking for some style updates? A shower renovation with some new tile and better fixtures (like those wonderful rain shower heads) may not take a lot of time. But if you want to make significant changes and add special new bathroom features, that will extend the schedule. Our expert team at Home Indeed can help you through the design process so that we can give a very detailed outline that usually hits pretty close to the mark.


How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Small Bathroom?

Again, your final cost will depend greatly on how much you want to change and how much “behind-the-walls” work there is. Things like repairing leaks, removing mold, enhanced waterproofing and improved ventilation are mostly essential for a bathroom renovation. All of that has to be factored into the cost and schedule. On the other hand, some bathrooms are in good shape and only really need some surface treatments to make a big impact. So, can you remodel a bathroom for $5,000? Maybe, but maybe not! Since it’s impossible to predict how much your bathroom renovation will cost strictly from reading a blog, we encourage you to download our free Bathroom Remodeling Cost Guide. It will help you get a better ballpark range you can expect before diving into the project head first!


Bathroom Remodel Steps

Another FAQ question we often hear from potential clients is, “in what order should you remodel a bathroom?” The answer to that depends on the work to be done - as there may be some changes to the order things happen - but generally speaking, here is how we usually attack a bathroom remodel:

1. Bathroom Design Planning

Planning ahead is the essence of good bathroom design. Home Indeed has a team of bathroom designers ready to help you solidify your ideas into a clear path forward. As part of the design process, we invite you to take a look through our 3,600 square foot showroom with materials and ideas that you can compare without having to drive all over Cedar Falls. Also, look through our bathroom remodeling gallery for inspiration! Included in the initial design phase is the investigative process: measuring your space carefully and checking out the plumbing, ventilation, electricity, etc. to get an idea of what work needs to be done to make everything up to code. We will ask a lot of questions so that we fully understand your goals. This planning process can take about a month and includes scheduling and pricing.

2. Prep Work and Assembling the Materials

Once we have your design solidified and know what prep work needs to be done, we can order and assemble the necessary materials. Since we have superb relationships with many vendors in the area (and out), we can get many materials quickly, but some materials can take longer to procure. Typically, marshaling all the resources can take a couple of weeks to two months. Again, we will give you a good idea of the timeline for gathering the materials during the planning phase.

3. Demolition and Construction

It will take a couple of days to deconstruct the old bathroom. This includes putting down dust barriers and floor protection to keep the rest of your home clean and isolate the mess to the bathroom itself. Old materials will be removed and any background work like mold remediation, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, and waterproofing can then get underway. Again, you won’t see these aspects, but they are absolutely essential! Drywall and then tile comes next. You might wonder, “How long does it take to tile a shower?” if that is all you are re-doing in the tile department. That's usually a couple of days. But if you are doing a lot more tile, it can take a lot longer, obviously. Depending on the amount and type of tile you want, it could take anywhere from a couple of days (for a shower) to a couple of weeks (floors and walls too), with the correct waterproofing layers behind. And if you are doing heated floors, that will take a little longer to prepare, but oh, so worth it for our Iowa winters!

4. Installing the Details

The vanity, the mirrors, the light, and electrical fixtures, and all those details that you are so looking forward to (the extra storage space), etc. These will go in and all the final touches will be added, tested, and then cleaned up so that we can present you with the spa bathroom you’ve been so looking forward to enjoying.

The Best Bathroom Remodelers Cedar Falls Homeowners Trust

If you are dreaming of a new bathroom, it’s time to act. In addition to building your Pinterest board, make sure to check out our bathroom remodel gallery for ideas and contact Home Indeed to schedule a personal consultation to start the process and ask any questions you might have. We look forward to working with you.

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