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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Cedar Valley

You know your bathroom is due for an upgrade, but where do you start? Designing a custom remodel provides you plenty of freedom, but the idea of having to make dozens of decisions may also feel a bit daunting.

The best place to start when planning your bathroom makeover in Cedar Valley is clearly identifying what you hope to accomplish and determining how much you want to spend on the remodel. Whether your project is focused on refreshing the space with a new design aesthetic, adding square footage to accommodate more users, or completely changing the layout for better function, the goal of your remodel will drive your subsequent decisions about layout, style, and features.

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Bathroom Layout Ideas

Using your bathroom remodeling budget and project priorities as your parameters, you can start creating a more concrete vision for your upgrade with your design-build remodeling team.

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what kind of bathroom layout you want. If you’re giving your bathroom a simple refresh, you’ll likely maintain your current floorplan and the location of your main bathroom components, such as the bathtub, shower, vanity and toilet. Reconfiguring or expanding the space requires a much greater scope of work and significantly increases your bathroom remodeling cost. However, it also makes the room look and feel brand new. Here are couple common bathroom layouts to use:

1. Powder Rooms

A half-bathroom, or powder room, often contains only a toilet and sink, not leaving much room for creativity when it comes to layout. Keep in mind the space should be at least 3- to 4-feet wide and 6- to 8-feet long to create comfortable access.

Powder room

2. Three-Quarter Bathrooms

Your three-quarter bathroom includes a sink, toilet and shower. The standard layout, which also is the most efficient, has the shower unit at the end of the room, facing the door. The sink, or vanity, and toilet are placed up against the side wall with enough clearance for the door to open.

34 bathroom

3. Full Three-in-a-Row Bathroom

In this bathroom layout, you line up your bathtub, toilet and double-sink vanity, committing to the idea of one plumbing wall. However, the bathtub and toilet are separated with a pocket door, building in privacy and enabling two or more people to use the space at once. This is a good option for a guest bathroom or a shared children’s bathroom.

3 in a row bathroom

4. Expansive Master Bathroom

Master bathrooms typically include a walk-in shower, toilet, bathtub and vanity with two sinks. Yours may also have a sitting area, a fireplace or gas stove, a walk-in closet or other elements. You can close off the entire bathroom from your bedroom or go for an open concept, with the two spaces flowing into one another. It’s still optimal to have a separate commode area with a pocket door.

full master bath

Bathroom Styles for Remodeling

Next, you’ll want to select a bathroom style, as that will impact several architectural and design elements and the types of fixtures that are appropriate. There are numerous types of bathroom design styles, but they generally can be organized into a couple main categories:

1. Modern

Sleek, streamlined and minimalistic, modern bathroom designs emphasize strong horizontal lines. With few decorative details, the focus is on the architecture. Modern, or contemporary, bathrooms often feature black, white or neutrals, with pops of color incorporate through modern art pieces, towels or shower curtains. Minimalist faucets, frameless mirrors, floating vanities and freestanding bathtubs are hallmarks of the modern bathroom style.

modern bathroom style

2. Traditional

The traditional bathroom style is comfortable and classically elegant. In contrast to the modern style, classic bathroom designs involve plenty of decorative detail, as seen through furniture-style vanities, antique-style lights, wainscoting, wallpaper and ornamental crown molding. For traditional bathroom colors, consider pale shades of blue and green; for a richer look, go with wood finishes complemented by deep shades of brown, blue, gray and plum.

traditional style bathroom

3. Transitional

Transitional bathrooms generally blend various architectural and design elements from both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. They offer plenty of creative freedom for you to pick and choose what features you like, and include a few eclectic choices as well. Transitional bathrooms tend to feature soft and subtle colors, with stone, marble and quartz incorporated into counters, walls and floors. Subway tile, glass shower enclosures, shaker-style cabinetry and a pedestal bathtub are other suitable choices for a transitional bathroom.

Transitional style bathroom

While your bathroom is likely to fall into the modern, classic, or transitional camp, there are a plethora of distinct bathroom aesthetics you can choose from. Other styles include farmhouse, coastal/beach, rustic, Mediterranean, spa, craftsman, French country, shabby-chic, Scandinavian, industrial, and Southwestern.

Trending Bathroom Features

Finally, you will choose what individual features to incorporate into your bathroom remodel in Cedar Valley. Your budget, design aesthetic, and the size and layout of the space will dictate the type and quality of fixtures and finishes you select. Here are some increasingly popular bathroom features to consider for your upgrade:

1. Standalone Bathtub

Standalone tubs are luxurious and visually appealing, and you can find a model with the color, shape, and size to fit into nearly any bathroom style.

2. Built-in Cabinetry

Adequate storage is an essential part of a clean, uncluttered, and organized space. Built-in cabinetry provides an effective storage solution that can be customized to your needs.

3. Radiant Floor Heating

When remodeling, enhance the comfort of your bathroom with in-floor heating under your ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles.

4. Small Fireplace

Nothing says luxury like soaking in a tub beside a small fireplace. If your upscale bathroom makeover can’t accommodate a working fireplace, consider a gas stove or other attractive heat source.

5. Open Showers

Open showers started as a space-saving measure but are now trending, particularly for modern bathrooms with a minimalistic design.

6. Coffee-Table Style Vanities

Don’t shy away from being creative with your bathroom vanity or storage solutions. Vanities with a coffee-table-inspired look are increasingly popular.

7. Feature Lights

You can significantly impact the ambiance and style of your bathroom by approaching your lighting from a design perspective. Feature lights will elevate your Cedar Valley bathroom remodel, both in function and form.

bathroom lighting

Remodeling Your Northern Iowa Bathroom

When you’re upgrading a bathroom in Cedar Valley, there are numerous decisions to make, from the general layout and design style to each major component and small detail. Your remodeling experience can be more streamlined and efficient when the people guiding you through the decision-making process are on the same team as the people who will construct the project. That’s what you get at Home Indeed. Our designers and project managers are all Home Indeed employees, rather than contractors or consultants, so you can access the benefits of working with one dedicated team of professionals from start to finish.

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