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Basement Remodeling Ideas for Your Cedar Falls Home

Are you considering a basement remodel? If you’re suffering from a bout of blocked inspiration, we have several ideas for your basement remodel! From home gyms to keep the whole family active, to an in-law suite to accommodate aging parents or adult children who have flown the nest when they come for a visit – hopefully, this can help you decide what the best uses of your basement could be to fit your family’s needs. Let’s get started.



Should I Remodel My Basement?

Have you been asking yourself, “how do I make my basement look more modern?” If so, you are probably due for a basement remodel! In addition, if your home currently has an unfinished basement where Christmas decorations and old yearbooks go to live out their lives, your basement may better suit your needs as a functional, beautiful, extra room inside your home!

A design-build basement remodel will not only modernize your home, but it could also increase your home’s value. Additionally, it will add to the quality of life for you and your family.

But where do you begin and what exactly can you do with all that space? We are going to give you some of the most popular basement remodel ideas for your Cedar Falls or Independence, IA area home.

7 Basement Remodel Ideas

Finding fresh basement ideas might seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not! There are so many fun and exciting things you can do with that space. In fact, you can begin with a virtual remodel first just to see what your finished remodel might look like, from the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the most popular basement remodel ideas for you to consider:

1. Basement Workout Room

A basement workout room or basement gym is one of the most popular ideas when it comes to basement remodeling. Especially after this last year, when we were seemingly confined to our homes and shut off from our gym memberships, having a home gym in your basement may seem like a better idea than ever before! Aside from convenience, a basement home gym could provide benefits such as:

  • Saving you money on gym memberships
  • Giving you more time in your day by cutting out a commute to your gym
  • Working out in your own home provides you with privacy
  • A home gym is also a much more sanitary environment because you don’t share equipment, showers, restrooms, and locker rooms with many other people who might not be as mindful when it comes to cleaning up after themselves as you are

2. Basement In-Law Suite

If you or your spouse have aging parents, or if you can see yourself aging in your current home, you might want to consider a basement in-law suite! An in-law suite will save you and your loved one time and money, and provide a sense of comfort in being surrounded by loved ones in the golden years as opposed to a senior living community. In addition, adding an in-law suite will keep your loved one from having to pay exorbitant rental fees for a nursing home or assisted living situation.

In-law suites aren’t strictly for in-laws, either! If you have adult children who have flown the nest for college, or moved out of town, their old rooms may have become your new craft room or in-home storage unit. What better way to welcome your older kids back home than with some privacy, a kitchenette, and larger-than-dorm-life living quarters?

Also, if you are no stranger to hosting family gatherings like Thanksgiving or Christmas, etc., your in-law suite is a great place to put up your out-of-town guests for their time in town, saving money on hotel fees and bringing you closer together.

Aside from the benefits, you might be wondering, “does an in-law suite add value to my home?” The answer is yes, an in-law suite can add value to your home. In fact, according to FreddieMac, in-law suites (also referred to as accessory dwelling units or ADUs), are on the rise as the nation’s affordable housing crisis continues to grow.

3. Remodeling Basement Into Apartment

We’re sure you’re no stranger to the term “Airbnb”. Airbnb, a space-sharing website that lets you “rent” out your full home, section of your home, or room in your home for short-term visitors in exchange for money, has gained popularity over the last few years, and it’s popular. Remodeling your basement into an apartment could not only accommodate family and friends coming for a visit, but generate additional and relatively passive income for your family!

If you’re considering remodeling your basement into an apartment living space, it’s always a good idea to make sure you know all the remodeling mistakes that should be avoided before you begin and to use a professional design-build contractor to get the job done right.

4. Basement Playroom

If you have younger children in the home, this last year may have brought you many, many, seemingly countless hours of stepping on Legos or picking up after your little ones. How wonderful would it be if the kids had their own private, safe, enjoyable space to play? 

You might consider a basement playroom remodel! A basement playroom will give your kids their own space where they can go to play, imagine, and dream their little dreams. It’s also a great place for arts and crafts, a kid’s game room, indoor sports for things like darts, ping pong, and even a pool table, etc. A basement playroom is a great place for making memories that your kids will carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

Additionally, a basement playroom doesn’t have to just be for the kids. Adults can use and enjoy a family playroom as well. As your kids get older, your basement playroom can be “the cool place” to hang out in the safety of your own home.

5. Home Theater

Have you seen the price of theater tickets lately? Yeah, it’s shocking! For some, theater seating is not all that comfortable either. Let’s not even get into how much popcorn costs.

However, if you had a basement home theater, it would save you loads of money on theater tickets, snacks, and gives the entire family an opportunity to come together and relax – not to mention how much cleaner and more sanitary it will be! Generally, this type of remodeling is best left up to professional remodelers versus trying to do it all yourself, so never hesitate to give Home Indeed a call and see what we can do for you.

6. Basement Bar

Is your house the “host” more often than not? If your crew is often entertaining, or if your home is inhabited by sports fans, a basement bar could go a long way! An in-home bar will save you and your friends a significant amount of money on drinks, snacks, and entertainment. It will also be safer for all involved because no one will have to drink and drive!

7. Other Basement Room Ideas

  • Additional living room
  • Wine cellar
  • Media room
  • Music room
  • Home office
  • Organized storage options
  • Great room
  • Crafts room
  • Library or reading nook

What’s Next?

If you are ready to move forward with your basement remodeling project, or if you just have a few questions first, please contact Home Indeed today. Our on-staff design-build team is here to answer your questions, provide feedback and ideas, and get you on the right track towards an efficient and professional basement remodel.

We have two showrooms - in Cedar Falls and Independence, IA - that are open for walk-ins and can also be “walked in” virtually! 

Home Indeed believes in providing you with an extraordinary experience. We promise to always put what matters to you first. At Home Indeed, we have a step-by-step process. That process is one that will give you access to an accountable professional that will lead every step of the process from the initial design consultation through to the final project completion.

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